Medals donated by Teachers

  • Sri Ghanand Memorial Gold Medal
    (Highest Marks in B.Sc.III)
  • Smt.Chandrawati Memorial Gold Medal
    (Highest marks in B.A.III)
  • Smt. P.B.Kakkar Gold Medal
    (Highest marks in Botany B.Sc.III)
  • Dr.V.L.Tandon Memorial Medal
    (Highest marks in Zoology B.Sc.III)
  • Smt.Vidyawati Rajvanshi Mlemorial Medal
    (Highest Marks in Physics B.Sc.II)
  • Dr.Sudha Rastogi Medal
    (Highest marks inj Sanskrit in B.A.III)
  • Mrs. P.V.Sharma Medal
    (Highest Marks in B.A.III)
  • Smt.Madhuri Srivastava Medal
    (Highest marks in Education B.A.III)
  • Smt.Urmila Sinha Memorial Medal
    (Highest marks in B.A.III)
  • Smt.Sheel Prabha Gupta Memorial Medal
    (Highest Marks in Hindi B.A.III)
  • Smt.Sukla Devi Gold Medal
    (Highest Marks in B.Ed.)
  • Dr.P.L.Srivastava Memorial Medal
    (Highest marks in theory in B.Ed.)
  • Smt.Indira Arora Medal.
    (Highest marks in practice in teaching in B.Ed.)
  • Dr.Manju Tandon Medal
    (Since 2012-13)
    (Highest marks in B.A.III)
  • Smt.Gyanwati Jalotey Memorial Medal
    (Highest Marks in all faculties-Arts,Science and Education)
    (Silver Medal)
  • Smt.Tara Shukla Medal
    (Highest marks in B.A.III)
  • Smt. Tara Shukla Medal
    (Highest marks in B.A.II)
  • Smt.Tara Shukla Medal.
    (Highest marks in B.A.I)
  • V.L.Tandon Running Trophy.
    (Highest marks in B.Sc.II and studing in B.Sc.III with Zoology)
  • Smt.Leelawati Rajendra Kuwar Running Trophy.
    (Highest marks in Navyug Inter College in Class XII
    and studying in B.Sc.)
Scholarships Sponsored by Eminent Persons.
Ratna Nigam Memorial Scholarship
(Highest Marks in Chemistry in B.Sc.II)
Smt.Leelawati Rajendra Kunwas Scholarship
(Highest marks in Navyug Inter in XII & studying in B.Sc.)
Sri Manohar Swaroop Saxena Scholarship
(Highest martks in B.Sc. Mathmatics II & Economically weak)
Vimla Nigam Memorial Scholarship
(Highest Marks in Hindi & studying Hindi in B.A.III)
Nand Kishore and Sharbati Bai Scholarship
(Awarded in the two girls who are studying in B.A.III and are economically weak)
125-00 & 125-00
Kunwarji Nigam Memorial Scholarship.
(Highest marks in Hindi in M.A.II)
Smt.Vidyawati Rajvanshi Memorial Scholarship
(Highest marks in Physics B.Sc.II & studying in B.Sc.III)
Smt.Gyanwati Jalotey Memorial Scholarship.
(Highest marks in all faculties -Arts,Science & Education)
Dr.Manju Tandon Scholarship
Since 2012-13
(Highest Marks in Pol.Science in B.A.III)
Medals awarded by College
  • Gold medals = 7 (For students who have secured highest marks in University exam in M.A. English & Hindi, B.Com.III, B.A.I,II, B.Sc.I,II
  • Silver Medals= 8 (For Second Position in B.Sc.III,II,I B.A.III,II,I B.Com.III & B.Ed.)
  • Bronze Medals=8 (For III Position in B.Sc.III,II,I, B.A.III,II,I B.Com III & B.Ed.